We will arrange a convenient and comfortable shuttle service to all our customers.

If you are traveling by charter flights or your own air transport, we will arrange parking and safekeeping of your vehicle. Charter aircrafts An-24, Cessna, L-410 and Yak-40 will take you to the airport in Nizhneangarsk, or Mi-8, Robinson or Eurocopter helicopters – directly to the Baikal Residence. Travel time is from 1 to 3 hours, depending on the aircraft. Additionally, we arrange escort at airports, as well as short tours in the cities if transit stop.

If you are traveling by scheduled flights from the largest airports of Russia and the world, first you will reach Irkutsk airport, and then you will be delivered by a regional flight to Nizhneangarsk airport.

Regional flights are provided by a professional team of Angara Airlines, in time-proved An-24.

For lovers of sea travel, we offer a cruise along the coast of Lake Baikal to the berth of “Baikal Residence” Lodge Hotel by a comfortable flybridge yacht.

The Lodge Hotel is located:

4 kilometers from Severobaikalsk railway station;

30 kilometers from the airport of Nizhneangarsk.

Coordinates: 55°35'23.2"N 109°16'54.3"E

Tel.: +7 (495) 662-71-53

email: info@baikalresidence.ru