Smoked meat of taiga wild animals, dressed with fresh herbs. Or freshly caught fish cooked on skewers is served with a vegetable garnish. You will find a dish for every taste in our restaurant. Local wild animals grew in the forests on the lake shore, Baikal fish is caught in crystal waters, meaning that everything is both natural, and also environmentally friendly products. We grow greenery and vegetables for dishes ourselves, in the territory of the residence, so we know for sure that they do not contain chemicals, pesticides and harmful additives. Your health is our priority.

Do not be afraid of “wild” names, exquisite Northern cuisine is a symbiosis of the Old Russian and Buryat recipes with modern European dishes and non-standard approach. If your fantasy dictates a different vision of the dish or a new recipe, our chef will cook what you want.

Together with the exquisite cuisine, you will find several cozy places in the lodge-hotel where you can enjoy your meal. On the ground floor of the hotel restaurant, the interior provides a warm and cozy environment for you. On the second floor, you will find the “Men’s Club”, however, the ladies are also welcome. Any dinner will be a small holiday with karaoke and billiards. What can be better in summer than breakfast outdoors? Open “Terrace” with a panoramic view of Baikal in front of the hotel is made just for this. There is a cozy “Gazebo” in the shadow of perennial larch for a small company of six people.