Fascinating summer vacation on Lake Baikal, surrounded by majestic taiga
  • Car
    Car tours
    It's a real adventure for lovers of powerful cars, you will spend unforgettable time, overcoming obstacles and taking pleasure in driving along the Baikal banks.
  • ATVs
    ATV Tours
    There is nothing like to get in the ATV and drive along the Baikal banks. Such an active pastime will add energy, drive, adrenaline and a lot of strong emotions.
  • Jet skis
    Jet ski tours
    If outdoor activity is in priority, the Baikal banks will give you a feeling of all the power and magnificence of this wonder of nature, and jet skiing within the basin of the hotel, accompanied by experienced instructors. You can experience unforgettable emotions, riding on the Baikal water surface, only here.
  • Cruise
    Cruise on a yacht is per se a pleasant pastime, and if this cruise is around the Baikal Lake, it will be a double pleasure.
  • Fishing
    Fishing in Baikal can be enjoyed by everybody, even if they are not belong to fans of this type of activity. There are 58 species of fish in Baikal, but the main interest for fishers in summer lies in grayling, pike, perch and roach.
  • Hunting
    Hunting on Baikal requires a good physical shape, inner maturity and courage of a hunter. Accompanied by experienced instructors, hunt for Baikal fowl and animals.
  • Hiking
    Go out to walking tours in the surroundings of Baikal. You will see the wonderful nature and peerless beauty of Baikal.
  • Tour to Cape Ludar and Cape Krasny Yar
    You should start meeting Baikal from its surroundings and legendary capes. The first stop is at the Buddhist Stupa of Enlightenment will make you feel magical and joining power of the earth and the sky, after all, according to the legend of shamans...
  • ATV Safari to taiga to the Goudzhekit River
    Drive from the trip and enjoyment of the surrounding nature wait for you at ATV safari to the Goudzhekit Spring. Driving along the Davan Mountain Pass, along the forest roads, crossing streams and mountain rivers...
  • ATV safari-drift along the Baikal Lake
    What could be better than getting on ATV and driving along the shores of Lake Baikal? Such an active pastime will give you energy, drive, adrenaline and a storm of emotions...
  • Jet Skiing in the basin of the Baikal residence
    If your priority is active rest, the shores of Lake Baikal will give a feeling of all the power and splendor of this natural wonder, and jet skiing within the hotel water area accompanied by experienced instructors...
  • Trip to Onokochanskaya Bay and to the Boguchan Island
    Steady smoothness of Lake Baikal, like a flat steppe, where you can go in any direction. The jet ski trip will start from the berth of the Baikal Residence Lodge Hotel and continue in the picturesque Onokochanskaya Bay...
  • Trip the Mountain Lake Frolikha
    Yachting is a pleasant pastime itself, and double pleasant if it takes place on Lake Baikal...
  • Cruise to Kotelnikovskiy Thermal Spring
    Each cape at Lake Baikal has its own flavor, Cape Kotelnikovskiy was no exception. From the berth of the Baikal Residence, you can take a yacht trip to the cape and its hot springs.
  • Cruise to Khakusy Thermal Spring
    Khakusy is a strong thermal spring, striking from a rock in dense pine forest on the north-eastern shore of Lake Baikal. Stay at one with nature, surrounded by taiga and blue sky, taking a dip in a healing spring.
  • Rafting on the River Tyya, Fishing
    Rafting on the river Tyya is an excellent opportunity to enjoy nature and beauties of Baikal, leisurely passing in rubber boats along the mouth of the river. Tyya is quite full-flowing and calm river, so if you lift oars for a while and are silent, you can enjoy the mesmerizing sounds of the surrounding nature.
  • Rafting on the Mountain River Tompuda, Fishing
    Lovers of more extreme rafting should go for a trip on the mountain river Tompuda. The river Tompuda (the Yakut word “tompo” – “whirlpool”)...
  • Fishing at the Angara Sor
    The Angara Sor is a real paradise for fishing lovers. The shallow-water bay is separated from Baikal by a narrow, picturesque sandy Yarki island stretching to 11 km...