Winter vacation, surrounded by snow-covered nature and the frozen surface of Lake Baikal
  • Jeeps
    Car tours
    The winter season on Lake Baikal is one of the most exciting seasons. Enjoy the surrounding winter nature during the tour and enjoy driving along the banks of the winter lake.
  • ATVs
    ATV Tours
    There is nothing like to get in the ATV and drive along the Baikal banks. Such an active pastime will add energy, drive, adrenaline and a lot of strong emotions.
  • Hovercraft
    Hovercraft tours
    It is better to go on a tour on the frozen surface of Baikal on a hovercraft. The ice of Baikal is a source of endless creative inspiration for some people, for others it is the object of scientific research, but it is always something magic and fascinating.
  • Fishing
    Winter on Lake Baikal is a season when a unique opportunity arises to see the enchanting icy cliffs of Baikal, breathe with the fresh frosty air and test your strength at ice fishing.
  • Skiing
    Snow-capped mountains and ridges of Baikal are ideal for snowboarding and skiing. From November till May there is snow here and this allows to enjoy skiing all winter long.
  • Cruise to Kotelnikovskiy Thermal Spring
    In winter, Baikal turns into a smooth and mysterious icy desert, bordered by majestic peaks of mountain ridges. You can walk on the frozen lake surface to hot spring...
  • ATV Tour to taiga to the Goudzhekit river
    Winter season at Lake Baikal is one of the brightest times of year. Enjoy surrounding winter nature in an ATV trip to Goudzhekit spring...
  • Ski slope of the Goudzhekit ridge
    Snow-covered Baikal mountains and ridges attract snowboarding and Alpine skiing lovers. Two ski slopes...
  • Ice Fishing on the Angara Sor
    Winter fishing, surrounded by Baikal mountain ridges, will both bring joy from the catch, and also provide aesthetic pleasure...
  • Tour to Khakusy Thermal Spring
    Every winter, Lake Baikal is completely covered with 1-1.5 m ice thick ice and becomes absolutely safe for travel by various types of transport. Therefore, you can get to Khakusy Spring by a comfortable hovercraft.
  • Cruise to Kotelnikovskiy Thermal Spring
    It is better to take a trip to Kotelnikovskiy Spring by a hovercraft on the frozen surface of Lake Baikal. For someone, Baikal ice is a source of infinite creative inspiration...